Young Sluggers Clinics


Ages 3-5 (Boys & Girls):

Young Slugger Clinics are designed to introduce the tools & rules of baseball & softball to young and future ballplayers, teaching & learning the game in a fun & safe environment.

Young Slugger Clinics also provide Tee-ball players the opportunity to continue practicing & playing when out of season to develop their skills and knowledge of the game.

Parents & Caregivers are encouraged and welcomed to participate with their child.

Clinics are 45 minutes with a minimum of 2 participants and a maximum of 4 participants per clinic. Single Clinic signs ups are also welcome.

Expect your child to learn the following:

  • Hitting - Introduces core principles of hitting a ball consistently utilizing the tee, soft toss, and live pitching

  • Fielding - Introduces fundamentals of footwork, hand positioning, tracking, and catching a ball

  • Throwing - Introduces fundamentals of consistently throwing a baseball with speed & accuracy

  • Athleticism - Developing footwork, dynamic movement, balance, timing, anticipation, speed, acceleration, agility, power, and hand-eye coordination

  • Education - Incorporates our love for learning with numbers, letters, colors, music, and more

Upcoming Young Sluggers Clinics

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