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Skill Clinics


Our Skill Clinics prepare athletes for upcoming seasons, tryouts, improving skills, and/or maintaining their skills whether in or out of season.

Skill clinics are for Ages 6+ and are 50min in length. Our clinics focus on hitting, fielding, pitching/throwing. Competitive periods are also included. Baseball and Softball players may participate in all Skill Clinics with the exception of pitching for softball players.

Objective is for athletes to become proficient in their mechanics by performing drills to improve their performance and increase their knowledge & understanding of how to play the game.

We focus on the following:

  • Mastering fundamentals while improving athleticism, body movement/mechanics, footwork, hand-eye coordination, instincts, and focus

  • Developing a consistent routine; Quality repetitions; Encouraging great habits to foster consistency and produce excellent results

  • Health & Wellness | Nutrition & Hydration

  • Strength & Conditioning | Speed & Agility | Recovery

Up to a maximum of 4 athletes participate in each of our skill clinics, with no less than 2 athletes per session. *Skill Clinics will be cancelled if there are less than 2 athletes registered per clinic.



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Upcoming Skill Clinics

TBA for November 2019:


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Young Sluggers Clinics


Ages 3-5 (Boys & Girls):

Young Slugger Clinics are designed to introduce the tools & rules of baseball & softball to young and future ballplayers, teaching & learning the game in a fun & safe environment.

Young Slugger Clinics also provide Tee-ball players the opportunity to continue practicing & playing when out of season to develop their skills and knowledge of the game.

Parents & Caregivers are encouraged and welcomed to participate with their child.

Clinics are 45 minutes with a minimum of 2 participants and a maximum of 4 participants per clinic. Single Clinic signs ups are also welcome.

Expect your child to learn the following:

  • Hitting - Introduces core principles of hitting a ball consistently utilizing the tee, soft toss, and live pitching

  • Fielding - Introduces fundamentals of footwork, hand positioning, tracking, and catching a ball

  • Throwing - Introduces fundamentals of consistently throwing a baseball with speed & accuracy

  • Athleticism - Developing footwork, dynamic movement, balance, timing, anticipation, speed, acceleration, agility, power, and hand-eye coordination

  • Education - Incorporates our love for learning with numbers, letters, colors, music, and more

Upcoming Young Sluggers Clinics

TBA for Fall 2019


Training Gear & Equipment:

Please bring the following to your clinic:

  • Bats

  • Batting Gloves

  • Helmet

  • Baseball Glove

  • Athletic Clothing

  • Comfortable Sneakers (No Cleats)

  • Water

  • Snack

  • Championship attitude!