Coach Shaun has been working with my two boys (ages 12 and 10) over this past off-season and the results have been very encouraging. Under Shaun’s instruction, each of my kids has a much stronger understanding of the game, a better mental approach, and much sounder mechanics… all of which has translated into increased confidence and consistency, and a greater passion for baseball! And what separates Shaun from most instructors is the written and video feedback he provides post lesson that reinforce the concepts. His commitment and passion for teaching really shine through, and overall I could not be more pleased… I highly recommend.

Jay Baum

Shaun Morris is an excellent baseball coach. He has been coaching our son for the past three years. He is very good with children at explaining the fundamentals and sportsmanship of the game. He has the ability to have kids listen with understanding. His interactions with the kid’s parents are well received. He is also very patient and kind to both the kids and parents. He knows how to demonstrate his love of baseball, so the kids get really excited! We are lucky to have Shaun Morris coach our son and look forward to having him as a coach for many years. 

~ Molly Khammanivong

 Coach Shaun has coached my 5 year old daughter and 7 year old son. I am so impressed with Coach Shaun’s ability to shift style and approach depending on where the athlete’s skill level is. He also takes the time to coach his players on softer skills like being respectful and a good sport. Coach Shaun is the best!!

Cara Home

Coach Shaun is one in a BILLION. He’s one of those unique people who not only know the game so well and plays the game so well, but he can also Coach the important techniques and skills to any age level. I’ve always seen that to be a challenge with sports, but we really lucked out with him. He’s able to bring all the important elements of the game into a training session/clinic AND he makes it exciting. He keeps the kids engaged. He plans all movement patterns, drills, and techniques into each session. We’ve really appreciated his organization, commitment, and passion for the sport. I would recommend his programs to all- as your kids will benefit and enjoy your time with him.

~ Chrissy Hansen

 Thanks for everything Coach Morris! My son is a travel player who had been grounding out more than usual; and we spent a couple of months trying to figure out why. His travel coaches provided some advice that helped a little, but he still was not hitting line drives as consistent as he used to. After one 5 minute evaluation of my son’s swing, Coach Morris diagnosed the problem, explained why it was a problem, and provided a resolution to the problem. The very next day at batting practice, my son was back to his usual self…line drives after line drives. Perfect lower half, perfect bat path, & driving with power! I will never waste time trying to figure it out again…I’m going straight to Coach Morris to get it fixed! Thanks again Coach Morris!

Robert Milton

 Shaun is a one of a kind coach. He has helped my kids immensely improve in all aspects of their game. He has taught them about goal setting and other techniques to better themselves as competitive baseball players. After working with Shaun for several months, my kid’s confidence has elevated to a new level. We are so lucky to have found a coach like Shaun! Steve O’Brien (ages 7,9)

~ Steve O’Brien

Shaun Morris, of Diamond Kids Baseball Academy, has helped my son with the fundamentals of baseball…not just the physical mechanics but the mental ones as well. Shaun’s in-depth knowledge of all things baseball has been a great resource for my son as he’s moved through Little League, Pony baseball, high school baseball, and soon, NCAA DI collegiate baseball.

Shaun is extremely patient and responsive. He routinely makes himself available to my son for hitting sessions or conversations about tweaking hitting stance or how to adjust to certain pitches.

Not only is patience one of Shaun’s greatest assets, but the level of accountability that he holds players to has led my son to also hold himself accountable on the field and off. I’m confident that Shaun can work with players on any level and produce results! 

~ DaMonique Sampson

My son’s first experience playing baseball was under the nurturing care of Coach Shaun. As I watched my son practice to prepare for the season, I couldn’t help noticing how far he has come as a player over the course of just two seasons. Coach Shaun recognizes unique challenges with young players and employs the right coaching strategy to ensure kids have fun and learn how to be good baseball players. Thanks Coach Shaun!

~ Claire Mijung Yoo

If you are looking for incredible instruction for your child (of any age) look no further than Coach Shaun. His love of the game infuses every one of his practices and you will definitely see your child's skills progress under his guidance. More importantly, he mentors the children on how to be a sportsman and a respectful competitor and teammate.

~ Natalie Karas Ivankovich

Coach Shaun is the best. Really understands kids and helps them understand the art of baseball.

~ Julia Peter


Shaun is great with my son! He is a patient coach with high expectations creating great motivation and success!

~ Dayna Loeliger